Friday, July 13, 2012

Sticker WIN!

I was going to let the poll run one more day, but I think the results are pretty clear.  We have some winners!!! :D

These are the two stickers I will be getting made! Pre-orders are on sale as of now!

These will be 5" X 6" vinyl die-cut stickers from They’re made from an industrial strength vinyl that’s designed to last. And, they come with a UV laminate that makes them fade, scratch and water resistant.  Completely suitable for outdoor use!  These will be great for your laptop, your vehicle, your tower/case, on a note or sketchbook....anywhere you want to put them!

Since I am only asking $6 a sticker I am only accepting PayPal for these.  Once I have enough pre-orders to cover the cost of making them I will get them ordered, then on their way to you!   Order several and I can put them all in the same envelope so you'll save on shipping!  These will be shipped via First Class mail in a protective clear bag with a mat board backing in a shipping envelope.  Shipping rates are $3.00 per shipment (envelope) in the US.  $5.00 to Canada, and $10.00 International. 

Click on the PayPal shopping cart buttons to your left to pre-order! <----------------------------------

I will let everyone know here when I have enough pre-orders and when they stickers are due to arrive here and go out to you!

Thanks for helping me create these stickers!  I am sure the final product will be completely awesome :D


  1. I want to order but it looks like they are sold out already? Want to do Paypal .. but, if they are already gone? Can this post be updated? Thanks