Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Werewolf Stickers!

I've been brainstorming on what interesting things I can bring to my artistic table and I have decided I would like to (re)learn to do vector art and create some interesting graphic-type stuff to sell in addition to prints and t-shirts.

So the first thing I have decided to come up with are a few cut-out sticker designs.  This is the first one, and I need your opinion.  Do you like any of these, and if so which ones?  (Please vote in the poll in the left hand column.)  <----------

If you don't like any of them, do you have any suggestions on what you would like to see with this design?  Different colors and such? I do plan on adding text but that is after I see what appeals here.  I will be asking your opinions on the text to use as well :)  But first, let me know what you think of these!




  1. I think the pink one is my favorite. XD

  2. Definitely the last one is my favorite, but sticker-wise, I think they all work well. It's good to have variety IMO :)

  3. Im a fan of the last one :D
    Did you plan on cutting these out yourself? I do it with my baby dragons. They look awesome, and sell pretty well, but look forward to hours of...fun cutting these bad boys out lol!

    1. Nope, I'm gonna go with www.stickermule.com

      Saw their link and I really love die cut vinyl stickers so I wanted to look at getting some done. Once I have a couple of solid designs I will take pre-orders to fund getting them done. We'll see how it goes :3

  4. These kick ass!

  5. Like all of them but the black with red, I don't think it is going to print well as a sticker. Maybe a cyan one??

  6. So despite my hatred for the color pink, I actually like the pink one. The detailed black is my favorite. I do like the flat black but i feel like it's too flat. There's not much shape or contrast to it. I have the same problem with the black and red. I feel like they would look a lot cooler with a little shading to bring out the detail. I can't wait for you to start selling these :]

  7. The red one looks badass, but I think the pink one would print best as a sticker and would be easiest to make out from a distance because there's so much contrast between the lines and colours. The only thing I would change about it is maybe a litte highlight on the nose like the red-eyed and detailed black ones have. Like somebody else suggested, a cyan one could be nice, too.

  8. Pretty good designed, I love them for printing by my own, I have a good sticker printing printer to print decals.