Wednesday, July 11, 2012

So...why Blogger?

First off, welcome everyone to my blog!  I'm so glad to see all of you here.  Thanks for following me!  I'm sure this will be fun for everyone ^.^

Secondly, I have posted about this blog on just about all the places where I have accounts online.  Interestingly I seem to be getting a certain sort of response from a few people.  Why Blogger, and why even blog at all?  Why not just post all of this on DA or FA or LiveJournal or Tumblr?

Well as I said over on my other blog, Werewolves and Cupcakes, I am experimenting somewhat, seeing what the "big hairy deal" is about having a blog, and also because I love to write.  I have always felt myself more of a writer than an artist, but a lot of times making art is easier than writing.  I am certainly more disciplined about doing art and even though I desperately want to write I feel like I never have anything to write about.  Having a blog not only gives me an excuse to just -write- for writing's sake, but it also it forces me to be disciplined about it.  If I want to keep my followers I have to put up content, right?

Having a blog also gets me out of my shell and forces me to interact with the world.  It forces me to see not only myself but others as well.  Even if all I am doing is writing about the great sunset I saw, or about the antics of my dog.  It gets me writing, it gets me sharing.

Also, let's face it, blogging is a great marketing tool.  I feel like I can reach a wider audience this way than just with a DA, FA, Epilogue, or any of the other art or social media sites.  Having a general blog is a lot more open and less specific than people having to deal with the BS of some other sites.  I will absolutely still post to those other sites, but I feel a blog that I can post to almost daily is a lot better than a site that is focused mainly on one thing or another. A general blog is focused on writing, and that's the whole point.

As for choosing Blogger, well I started using Blogger to follow other blogs and decided to create my own and put up a few of my older essays just to have an online archive of them.  I quickly fell in love with how easy Blogger is to use, and how easy it is to design my layouts.  Things are clean, uncluttered, easy to use and understand.  I do have a Tumblr account, but truthfully I haven't figured out why it's so popular.  To me it's hard to understand and harder to use.  LiveJournal has been my blog for ten years now, but I avoid it because of some past mistakes and thus past lessons.  I am not comfortable there any more, however I still keep my account and only update information related to my business. 

So Blogger it is :)

I hope you all will enjoy watching me here, and will enjoy what I post.  This particular blog will be about my art and art in general.  I will aim to keep it fun and entertaining and not just another place where I show off my art. 

I also have my other blogs Werewolves and Cupcakes and Circle of Stones.  Werewolves and Cupcakes is more of a personal blog for this and that, but mostly for my weird sense of humor and personal tidbits I feel like sharing.  Circle of Stones is my spirituality blog dedicated to my essays about that which I find sacred in this world and my higher being.  I invite you to follow along...or not :)

I haven't opened up like this in years, so having blogs is a bit of a big step for me.  But I feel like it's time to start writing again.  However this time I will endeavor to post only the positive, the uplifting, and of course the fun.  I hope you will all enjoy the things I have to share :)


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  1. I feel the same about Blogger - it is a super easy format and I enjoy posting (though I'm no where near as faithful as once a week - Hmmmm, I should remedy that) Anyway, it's helped me open up more too and I've actually shared chapters of my own story - something I would NEVER have done a year ago. I hope your blog helps you the way you want it to :)