Friday, August 3, 2012


...have not been ordered yet.  I am still waiting to get enough pre-sales to be able to put in the order.  However it should be sooooon!  Once they are ordered I will have what is left over from pre-sales available online and at the Wolfsisters booth and Minnesota Renaissance Festival :)

Spread the word about these werewolf stickers so I can get them ordered!!

Aside from that I have been working like a dog (or is that a bolf?) all month long getting ready for the summer craziness that is already well underway.  I am trying to squeeze in what I can art-wise but I really have no time, and no energy left over from the day, to do much, if anything.  As I say on my website my working/show months are from July - December, and my arting months are from January - June.  So if you are waiting on a commission from me -please- have patience! I will let everyone know when I can be full-steam ahead on the art again.  Until then I am go-go-GO on the shows!

That's all for now.  I promise I will try to put up a post here with some tips or other art-making-related stuff :)


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  1. Heyy...Why you don't order? May i see your design ? Pretty curious
    custom stickers