Friday, August 24, 2012

Summer's still going....and going....

...and going.

One section of our booth this year at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival

So Sandra and I just got back from setting up at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival.  We had a great weekend and enjoyed seeing old friends and a bunch of wonderful fans!  You guys are the best ^.^

I will not be out at MNRF again until the last two weekends, September 22 - 23, and September 28 - 30.  Otherwise our booth lackeys Nate and Jody will be handling things (and handling them well!). 

Next I am off to Denver for the Labor Day show of the Celebration Metaphysical Fair.  I will be there with my lackey/booth-bitch Mare (Sandra will be at home getting some business taken care of).  Please come out and say hello, buy some art and/or a t-shirt, and then go get yourself a psychic reading or a snazzy new crystal ;)

After that, Sandra and I are off Durango, Colorado for the Whole Expo Durango show.  Another metaphysical/holistic healing show! We can't get enough of them...and neither can you!  Please come and say hello and enjoy the grandeur and awesomeness of Durango in the summertime!

Then I am taking a bit of a vacation... <.<  >.>

And finally back to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival again for a couple of weekends to round out the Summer season.  Whew!  But I can't get too comfortable, because I will only have a few short weeks until the back-to-back holiday shows begin in November!

So yes, I am busy, busy, busy!  Go go go!

In the midst of all of this I will try to keep things updated so you have an idea of what's going on with me.  For now, I need to get back to work on making more products for the coming shows!

- Goldie

P.S. Werewolf stickers are being ordered tomorrow!  I will let you all know when I have them in-hand ^.^

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