Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Stickers are here!

Huzzah!  The werewolf stickers are here!

Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered, and thank you for being patient!  These stickers look awesome and I am sure you will love them! 

For those who have not ordered these yet GET THEM NOW!  I have about 20 "Shift Happens" stickers left and about 32 "Feed Me Cupcakes!" stickers left.  Get them before they are gone as I will probably not be reordering them!

I will also be bringing whatever I have left over to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival the last two weekends, September 22 - 23 and September 28 - 30!

These stickers were great fun to do and I definitely want to do more designs in the near future!  Do any of you have some neat ideas for stickers?  Something you would like to see?  I will be working up some new ideas when I can work on art again (January) and will put up some more polls about those when I have some design mock ups to show. 

If you have a great idea for a sticker send it to me!

I am still busy busy and going going.  I don't even unpack my bags right now, I just wash clothes and re pack!  XD 

This coming weekend I am taking a little vacation somewhere special <.<  >.>  but when I get back I will head up to Minnesota to finish out the renaissance festival there.  After that I have a few weeks to get ready for the insanity of the holiday shows in November.  Gotta keep going!  I am just working hard and traveling right now and meeting a bunch of really cool people.  You all make working this hard so worth the while ^.^  <3

Have a great end of the Summer!


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  1. how do you buy stickers....your site wont let me us the paypal....