Thursday, July 12, 2012

Stickers, Part 2!

Thanks everyone for voting on your favorite version of the sticker designs!  The tally is in and by far at the lead with 176 of the 275 votes is this guy!

Congrats black snarly werewolf with hightlights!
In second place is the pink werewolf, which made me laugh, so I have decided to go ahead and do both of them!  Woo hoo!   :D

Now for the second phase of this sticker design, the words!  I've come up with a few so far that might work well and will give you an idea of what I want to do.  Please go ahead and vote for your favorite, or if you have a better idea for the text on either of these please comment and let me know!  (click on the thumbnails for bigger images):

<---------------So please vote for your favorite over on the left side! Once I have the best two designs I will open for pre-orders of these stickers.

Thanks everyone for your help! ^.^



  1. I want the cuddly puppy sticker!!

  2. For the black werewolf sticker, Bad Wolf would be awesome too. ;3 ALSO, where are you going to sell these and how large? I would LOVE a tailgate sticker for my truck!

    1. Ooo, that would be a cool one too ^.^ These will be 5" x 6" die-cut vinyl stickers that will be suitable for outdoor use (like on a vehicle). I will announce the specifics when I open for pre-orders :)

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